Adolfo Coccini



Clan: Giovanni
Generation: 9th
Rank: Ancillae


Adolfo was embraced even before Candice. He was chosen both for his role as a community leader and because of the Coccini family’s ties to the Giovanni in Venice. He’s also a mistake and everyone knows it. The elder who embraced him in the 20’s had lost his ties to humanity, and couldn’t accurately gauge the caliber of his childe. He saw a community leader, but didn’t see that Adolfo ruled through brutishness and thuggery. After the embrace he was much the same, never excelling or earning the proper finesses a kindred needs to climb the rungs of their society.

Rumor has it that he does sit on a stockpile of juicy gossip and potential black mail. Any time he’s been asked, he’s just told people that “He ain’t blind”.

Adolfo Coccini

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