Aldo Coccini

Corporate Lick


Clan: Giovanni
Generation: 13th
Rank: Neonate
Sire: Donald Coccini


Aldo is from a traditional family. One of his grandfathers snitched on the mob and they’d been pariahs for generations to follow.

They had thought that despite the constant Christmas cards and fourth of July celebrations, the Coccini’s had completely forgotten them. Donald Coccini’s arrival on their doorstep took them compltely by surprise. Donald explained that the Coccini family was losing traction, and that their sons experience in the computer science field may help to curb those losses, shoring up the families standing in the modern market.

Reluctantly, and at Candice’s beckoning, Donald embraced him several years later. It’s as yet uncertain who in the family Aldo will ultimately support.

Aldo Coccini

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