Candice Giovanni

de Facto Leader of the Giovanni


Clan: Giovanni
Age: Ancillae
Generation: 11th
Sect: Independant


Candice Giovanni was banished to the backwater because of a political rival in Venice. Once a mouse, Candice has learned from her prior mistakes. Having been assigned to apprentice Alonso Giovanni. Candice has learned quickly that she cannot count on Alonso to expand the clan’s influence, or the clan to care about Backwater. She currently seeks allies for the advancement of her personal interests.

Candice has taken control of a minor branch of the Giovanni family in the city, and has used them to shore up her position in the Coccini’s Wharf district. She now seeks to engage in the struggle for advancement with the Elders of the city, relying on the nominal support of Alonso

Candice Giovanni

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