Cynthia DeLacey

Restaurant Owner


Clan: Toreador
Generation: 13th
Rank: Neonate


As a mortal, Cynthia ran a local bar frequented by anarchs. She became close friends with Molly Fagan, who took it upon herself to watch out for her human friends. One night before closing, a thug elbowed his way into Molly’s bar. His gun accidentally discharged while Cynthia emptied the till. Molly had one of her ghouls rip his eye balls out while she embraced her friend.

Cynthia’s relationship with her sire had become strained, owing to her apolitical stances in the danse. She has instead become a neutral source of information for not only Vampires, but other supernaturals as well. She maitains a close personal friendship with Alex White

Cynthia DeLacey

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