Donald Coccini

The Cynical Bastard


Clan: Giovanni
Generation: 12th
Rank: Ancillae


Donald didn’t want to be embraced. He didn’t want to shoot people for his mobbed up family and he didn’t want to live forever. The harder his family pressed him to “see the light” the harder he pushed back, destabilizing the youth of the local Coccini.

In 1962, Candice Giovanni arrived in the Backwater and began to assert herself on the local assets. She had no tolerance for Donald’s idealism or his constant efforts to undermine her. She forced the Proxy Kiss on him for only a day, then embraced. She then entrusted him with her corporate interests, leveling the threat of the Blood Bond against him if he ever betrayed her faith in him.

Donald’s embrace was a rape, and he has an eternity to contemplate that.

Donald Coccini

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