Kwan Jing

Folk Artist


Clan Toreador
Generation 10th
Rank Ancillae


Kwan Jing came to America to pursue his dream of being a famous painter. He was extremely talented, but was shocked and appalled to learn that in the land of opportunity, the value of talent pales in comparison to money and connections. He couldn’t make enough money to live off of, and was drawn into the black market out of desperation. Much of his mortal life was spent counterfeiting and forging for the triads. He eventually made enough money to break free of the gangs and try his hand at painting again, but the gangs wouldn’t let go of him. It wasn’t until the Kue-Jin tried to make there move on the town.

Kwan was injured in the chaos of the Giovanni attack, and as he dragged himself from the fighting, his sire happened upon him. She watched him penning down his last words for the world, ornate Chinese characters painted on the city street in his own blood, lit by the building that burned behind him. She embraced him on the spot.

Kwan Jing

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