Lasombra Elder, makes home in the shadows and darkest parts of the city.


Don Machè started his life in 1428 in Cantaejo, Spain. Born with exceptionally dark skin and hair, as well as a thin complexion, he spent his childhood being ridiculed and avoiding others as much as possible. As he grew older, he began to form groups with those who liked to stick to the shadows, to use the cover of darkness to overcome those who would terrorize them. He became a strong leader for those young people.

As he grew older, he controlled the hearts and minds of many men, the dregs of society that had turned to thievery and crimes under the darkness of night. He formed cults of these men, making deadly killers out of these men, “hassassins” and would-be-killers-for-hire, terrorizing the nights in Madrid.

As his infamy grew, he grew to be known as “Daga del oscuro”, “The Dark Dagger”. While not a particularly good assassin, he made an exceptional leader and coordinator. A Lasombra in Madrid was enticed by the rumors of a shadow cult. She set out to seek out its leader, and observed him with great interests.

Eventually the Lasombra approached Machè, and offered him a chance at immortality, albeit in the face of crushing odds and trials. Machè accepted after spending a single night in the shadows of Madrid, wanting to attempt to stay enveloped within them for the rest of eternity.

After his embrace, Machè went through vigorous trials that his Sire set to test his abilities. He became a virtual master in manipulating shadows, no longer restrained to just being able to hide in shadows, being able to create them and become the shadows himself. Where he lacked in strength, he had become what he considered to be the ultimate assassin, a master of the dregs and the underworld.


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