Tag: Camarilla


  • Julius Mancini

    Julius Mancini is considered a failure amongst his clan. His sire was a tratior to the Camarilla from before the Camarilla existed. He also shares a sire with the famed warrior Lucius Bartolli. His lack of ambition and lack of achievement has earned him a …

  • Julia Cantorelli

    Cantorelli was groomed by Julius in an attempt to compete with the Kindred who follow Lucius Bartolli. She has, since 1907, failed to do so. Cantorelli continues to enjoy her Sire's favor despite her uninspiring performance in the danse macabre.

  • Justin Cantorelli

    Jusitn Cantorelli is Julia's only childer. he was embraced as her final test to prove herself to her master. Since then Justin has remained loyal, and demonstrated a certain aptitude for administrative and bureaucratic duties. He is heavily criticized for …

  • Lucius Bartolli

    Lucius Bartolli was embraced shortly before the diablerie of Cappadocious. For six hundred year Bartolli has been finding himself embroiled in the worst conflict of the Camarilla. Most recently he has been assigned to police the detente of the backwater, …