Global Tech Industries


Global Technology is a family owned business that has lasted for over 150 years. We take pride in our patriotic philosophy of “How can we make tomorrow better for you and the United States of America?” The reason for our strong patriotism in this country is because our founding fathers were once poor Italian immigrants with only $10 in their pockets and family pride and history on their back. Because Global Technology is a forward looking company we are known for being everywhere.
1. The Financial industry
—a. Investment Banks
—b. Insurance companies
2. The healthcare and biotechnical sectors
—a. Hospitals
—b. Pharmaceutical company
3. Energy utilities
—a. With several power plants ranging from solar, air, coal fire, and natural gas
4. Import-export services
—a. With several large cargo vessels, and many smaller fraters
5. Defense contractor
—a. Primarily focusing on the future soldiers and AI technologies

Global Technology is a parent company that owns many smaller subsidiaries. As a joke, some individuals in the media have said that “Global Technology is so big that I would not be surprised if it owned a little bit of every company on earth” (ZNN and FAX News).

Global Technology is located at 500 Republica. The building that our headquarters is located in is one of the newest and highest tech buildings in all of place. With state of the art security systems, its own security force, and is completely energy independent, which is a part of Global Technologies greener initiative goal.

Random information:
1.We are bigger financially than umbrella corp. Sky net, wayne enterprise and the legindary Acme Corp. Thus the total revenues for 2007 are $408.1 billion.
2.Located on all seven continents
3.Only company that insures against damage caused by our military projects

Global Tech Industries

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